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Skinetics 1 started as a small beauty spa offering Laser Hair removal at affordable prices. We have expanded our portfolio of laser skin care to, simply advanced skin care, Laser Lipo body sculpting and permanent cosmetics. Our goal is to provide quality, safe and comfortable services at reasonable prices.

Our Laser Hair Removal Staff was trained and certified by Patrick J. Clark, CMLSO [email protected]

CEO / Director of Clinical Education Dallas, Texas.  Mr. Clark has been active in clinical light applications since 1988.  Pat moved from his first administrative and clinical exposure of laser use and control at the University of North Carolina Memorial Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to being a member of the team to first accomplish and teach routine laser laparoscopic cholecystectomy in several Northeast states. 

A Texas native, Pat returned home in 1992 to be selected as the founding director of the laser program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the allied hospitals. In that position he refined a teaching and administrative process that included the control of some 117 laser and light sources in a myriad of applications and a recurring education process for physicians, residents, nurses, and paramedicals. 

Numbers of internationally known facilities and organizations call upon Pat to assist in development, testing, application and safety of light on tissue worldwide.Pat has direct experience in complete hospital programs, outpatient and freestanding surgery centers, the beginnings of office and spa applications, and the development of light applications for nonprofessional and home use. His commercial experience includes being Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Product Development for both a national publically held mobile laser-surgical services company, Medical Alliance, and with the device division of an international pharmaceutical company, ICN. 

Often called upon by laser manufacturers and having given over 400 clinical and lay lectures in the last 20 years, Mr. Clark can bring a world of experience to your select needs.Medical Laser Dynamics is an internationally recognized independent aesthetic laser and intense pulsed light education group. From its offices in the United States, and with over 20 years experience in presenting courses in the newest and best treatment methods, Medical Laser Dynamics has grown to become the largest clinical laser and intense pulsed light training program in the world. Supported by the Laser Institute of America Medical Laser Dynamics

Our mission

It is the mission of Skinetics 1, Inc. and its employees to provide a peaceful atmosphere filled with good services, safe procedures, and comfortable, relaxing treatments to each and every client.  We strive to treat everyone equally with respect, spiritual companssion and understanding.  We want you to feel beautiful inside and out when you walk out the door!

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